The Myth of the American Dream for Nepali-speaking Immigrants in USA

- Luna Ranjit

Discussion Type: Additional Discussions | Date: 18 Jan 2013 | Time: 03:00 PM


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What is the American Dream for Nepali people? Is it a myth or a reality? Many Nepali people pay hundreds of dollars to just apply for a visa to go to USA, borrow thousands to show they have a bank balance and even more to actually go to USA. For the few who actually receive a visa, is the U.S.A. what they dreamt it would be? What do most people do when they get there? Is it worth all the hassle and the separation from family? Join Martin Chautari and the Executive Director of Adhikaar, an organization based in New York (USA) working to protect the rights of Nepali-speaking immigrants in New York City, to learn about the reality of Nepali-speaking immigrants in USA, and the human rights work done by Nepali-speaking community in USA through Adhikaar.

- Luna Ranjit

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