Ep 11: From Barefoot Research to Public Policy: Promoting an Inclusive Governance System

- Sohan Prasad Sha | 2024-02-19

Podspective by Daayitwa Abhiyaan

In this episode, we sit down with Dr. Sohan Sha, a distinguished member of the Province Policy and Planning Commission of the Madhesh Province Government. As a seasoned social science researcher, with research experience in areas of science, technology, education, and inclusive methodologies, Dr. Sha, who is also a former Daayitwa Fellow, brings a wealth of experience to the conversation. The discussion revolves around creating meaningful platforms for youth, the crucial intersection of research and evidence-based policymaking, and the imperative of geographical inclusion. Drawing on his extensive background, Dr. Sha highlights the concept of barefoot research, stressing its significance in shaping inclusive policies. He also shares invaluable insights into the practical application of research knowledge in governance, emphasizing the everyday practice of leadership. Join us in exploring the dynamic landscape of federalism, as Dr. Sha underlines its pivotal role in fostering inclusion while acknowledging that there's always more to learn and do for tangible results. Don't miss this thought-provoking episode that delves into the heart of governance and the ongoing journey towards a more inclusive future!

Time codes
0:00 - Introduction to Podspective
1:40 - Who is Sohan Sha? Why is he in the world?
7:10 - Why did you pick this arduous journey?
10:16 - Dilemma in choosing a good financial career over studying economics at JNU  
11:19   - What went in your mind before you decided to choose the road less traveled?  
13:21 -  Discrimination as a Madheshi
13:10 - JNU introduced to me a whole other world of social science
16:35 - What inspired you to take this route? From being a social science researcher to a member of PPPC?
18:18 - पैदल अनुशन्धान / Extensively traveled Madhesh as a barefoot researcher
21:58 - Why did you decide to join the fellowship?
23:00 - How did you find your way to the Daayitwa Fellowship?
25:43 - What kind of challenges did you encounter as a Daayitwa fellow?
27:45 - How did the Daayitwa fellowship help shape your journey in your current role of being a member of PPPC of Madhesh Province?
29:38 - Leadership is something that is done every day.
32:51 - Barefoot research and democratization of knowledge
35:30 - What are the lessons from barefoot research experience? 
37:25 - Research experience in a rubber plantation at the Centre for Social Development
42:02 - Taking an example of education instead of progressing, why is the education status of Madhesh decreasing?
45:58 - We have different platforms and opportunities for progress but why are they not being used? Is it due to the lack of will or the lack of capacity?
51:03 - How have you perceived the relationship between Kathmandu and Madhesh?
55:26 - What are the systemic reasons for the lack of inclusion at a regional level?
1:00:31 - Despite having provision for political/social inclusion, why has geographical inclusion not taken place?
1:07:45 - What kind of structures and systems need to be in place to promote geographical inclusion?
1:08:47 - Government vs governance / max governance less government
1:16:30 - Being in your current role, what kind of spaces do you want to create for youth?
1:22:28- Where do you see hope?

Special Thanks:

Guest:  Dr. Sohan Sha
Host: Dr. Pukar Malla

Production Team - Abhiyanta Production
Producer - Ms. Rakshya Silwal

Introduction by Ms. Shuvangi Poudyal

Communications and Outreach team:
Ms. Dilasha KC
Ms. Rasila Dhamala

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