Book Launch at Chautari


Martin Chautari released two books — “Jaibik Bibidhata Ra Janajibika” by Sarad Ghimire, Hari Prasad Dhungana and Jagannath Adhikari, and “Food Crisis in Karnali” by Jaganath Adhikari – at its premises at Thapathali on Wednesday afternoon.

Botanist Tirtha Bahadur Shrestha commenting on the volumes asked, “Every time when there is a mention of a farmer, why does is have to come with an adjective of ‘gareeb’ (poor) and every time when it is about a woman, why is it ‘abala’ (helpless)? Most of the books on social issues are pro-men. There is a grave need for pro-women books as well.

The first book revolves around various topics on biological diversity and lifestyle of Nepal. ‘Jaibik Bibidhata Ra janajibika’ is a descriptive book that leaves a room for debate, Shrestha said. “It’s said a picture tells a thousand words but a paragraph in the book gives you many pictures,” he said.

Saubhagya Shah, Tribhuvan University teacher, spoke about the second books said the people of Karnali are always pro-trayed as poor and hungry bu the media. “But it should be considered that the food that is supplied by the government in a helicopter is mostly used for liquor making.” He said that the Karnali region should grow organic crops that have a huge market everywhere.

Protyoush Onta of Martin Chautari also announced that the books will be distributed by Himal Pustak.

The Kathmandu Post, 25 June 2009, page 3

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