Policy Research Institutions in Nepal: The Experience of Publicly-Funded Think Tanks

- Dwarika Nath Dhungel

Discussion Type: Research Seminar Series | Date: 26 Aug 2012 | Time: 03:00 PM


Policy Discussion Series jointly organized by SIAS, MC and NPRN

About the discussion
With the end of the Rana regime in 1951 and the initiation of the modernization drive, the governments of Nepal initiated and promoted the emergence of a number of think-tank institutions that were to serve as knowledge centre's for the country's development, administrative reforms, decentralization, foreign policy, and so on. These institutions, at various degrees, were engaged in conducting research, training government personnel, teaching, and a host of knowledge production and reproduction activities. By the 1990s, however, many of them became lethargic and ceased to prove relevance and to maintain existence under the changed political context. Subsequently several private and non-governmental formations have cropped up claiming to take this role, and their performance, sustainability, and capacity to produce credible evidence for policy change still remain limited. This talk focuses on the experiences of, and the causes for the rise and demise of publicly funded think-tanks and the role and challenge of new policy research organizations. The talk is also expected to spark off deliberation on the strategies that new policy research organizations should follow.

- Dwarika Nath Dhungel

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