The Mental Trauma of Injustice: Victim's Perspectives on the Growing Culture of Impunity and Lawlessness in Nepal

- Devi Sunuwar, Sudha Maharjan

Discussion Type: Mangalbaarey | Date: 22 Jan 2013 | Time: 03:00 PM


Jointly organized by Nepal Mental Health Foundation, MC and Nepal Mental Health Policy Group

About the Speakers
Devi Sunuwar: Devi Sunuwar is the mother of 15 year old Maina Sunuwar who was tortured and killed by the then Royal Nepal Army in February 2004. As a result of Maina's death, Devi's husband became mentally unstable and disappeared. Devi Sunuwar is still waiting for justice.
Sudha Maharjan: Sudha Maharjan is one of the daughters of Chhori Maya Maharjan who mysteriously disappeared ten months ago from Kathmandu. Since her mother disappeared, Sudha and her siblings have left their studies and work in search for their mother and justice.

- Devi Sunuwar, Sudha Maharjan

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