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Martin Chautari has come up with a yearly journal in Nepali to provide to people interested in journalism a platform to debate on different issues related to media studies. The journal covers interesting topics such as radio management, the role of dalits and jananjatis in journalism, the after-effects of the royal move, rural and development journalism, the role of Nepal Press Council, and so on. It is hoped that annual publication of such a journal would systematize the tradition of media studies, which has recently started in the country. The first section of the journal incorporates media-based analytical essays, while the succeeding sections consist of reports, comments, reviews and interviews related to press, radio, television, films, internet and information technology.            

Although targeted at students of media and communication, Kundan Aryal's review of the works of cartoonist Durga Baral in ''Batsyan and his works'', Khagendra Nepali's reminiscence of his radio career in '' Radio Jeewan ko mero Samjhana: Ek Asan Ma'' are an interesting read for anyone interested in journalism and Nepali media.


Source: The Kathmandu Post, 21 Jan 2007, p. 4

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