Connected Futures: Framing Interventions to Universal Connectivity in Nepal (Phase-1)

This project is funded by the Ford Foundation , South Asia Regional Office.

On the appropriate model for embarking on to achieve Universal Connectivity (UC) one may, for instance, explore the feasibility of a hybrid-technology, mixed-ownership and collaborative partnerships for a diverse country like Nepal, instead of the existing euphoric rush to allegedly state-of-the-art, single-type, singly-driven, monolithic architecture connectivity. Content generation, knowledge sharing and affordability are some common concern of the popular ‘information society’ and ’knowledge society’ narratives. Internet-technology and society interactions immediately bring to the fore associations such as ‘speed, penetration and cost’ and ‘local content, internet infrastructure and affordability’.

The transforming potential the internet based technologies (IBTs) may be realized depending on Nepal’s capability to administer them. Hence, this research assesses the extent of use/access (temporal, social and geographical variations), infrastructure (energy and quality-of-service) and governance (policy and practice) of the internet and internet based technologies (IBTs). A pluralistic vision of ‘knowledge societies’ which offer better alternative to a definite ‘knowledge society’ ambitions needs to be reflected in the policy actions. The path forward lies in formulating evidence based UC policies while openly acknowledging the limitations of the technologies in mainstreaming the marginalized and vulnerable section of the population.

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Networking Facilitation Workshop


Dimensions of Internet Connectivity: Policy and Practice in Nepal


Seventh Annual Media Research Conference, 2016


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