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Call for applications: Reading Seminar on Nepal's Development Pathways
Date: 09 Feb 2018


Call for applications

Reading Seminar on Nepal's Development Pathways

With Bandana Gyawali

Organized by Martin Chautari

Spread across eight sessions, this seminar introduces the reader to Nepal's development trajectory from the pre-bikas era to recent post-conflict trends. The aim is to engage with bikas approaches at specific political periods such that the reader is able to locate the ideological roots of various bikas practices and situate them within a larger development discourse. The first session will focus on broader development literature. The remaining sessions will examine primary or secondary documents in proximity to Nepal specific literature and place them within global development thinking. The aim is not to provide a comprehensive reading of development literature but to provide readers an illustration of the ideological underpinnings of bikas. The assigned readings are as given below with the possibility of some minor changes as the seminar progresses.

Bandana Gyawali is currently a researcher at Martin Chautari. She has submitted her PhD dissertation "Ambiguous Bikas: History of the Concept of Development in Nepal, 1900 – 2006" to the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Helsinki. Based on Nepal specific archival sources, her research focuses on the history of ideas and early market history.

Seminar dates: March 29 to May 17, 2018. The seminar will be held every Thursday morning from 7:30 to 10:00.

Seminar Hall, Martin Chautari
27, Jeetjung Marg, Thapathali, Kathmandu [Location map]

Course fee: NRs 4000

Application deadline: 15 March 2018

For registration, please fill this form and contact Martin Chautari office to pay the seminar fee

Tel: 01 4238050, 01 4102027

Reading List: Nepal's Development Pathways




Title Date
समाज अध्ययन जर्नलका लागि लेख–रचना आह्वान 25 Jul 2016
Accepted Abstracts and Panels: Chautari Annual Conference – 2018 30 Nov -0001
Call for applications: Reading Seminar on Nepal's Development Pathways 09 Feb 2018

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