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Accepted Abstracts - Chautari Annual Conference - 2017
Date: 14 Feb 2017


The Following abstracts and panels have been selected for the Chautari Annual Conference 2017

S. No. Name Title of Abstract
1 Avash Bhandari Dibya Upadesh and the Making of a Nationalist Gospel
2 Bal Bahadur Thapa A Trajectory of Nepali Modernity: A Narrative of Ruptures and Repairs
3 Bandana Gyawali Bikas for All: The Democratization of Political Language in the 1990s
4 Basanta Maharjan नेपालमा सांस्कृतिक पत्रकारिताकोअभ्यास र चुनौती
5 Bhawana Oli मधेशआन्दोलन-२०७२ मा दक्षिणी सीमा नाकाको रणनीतिक प्रयोग र केन्द्रको बहसमासीमाबारेको कल्पना
6 Bhim Rai The Socio-political and Environmental History of the Maharaj Than/Gramthan: An Ethnographic Study among the Rajbansi People of Morang
7 Chura Bahadur Thapa Language, Ethnicity and Identity: Linguistic Ethnography of Second Generation Nepali Diaspora in Hong Kong
8 Claire Martinus Getting Legally Married: A Study of Court Marriage in Kathmandu
9 Dwarika Thebe Sandbar Framing: Landless Households and Sustanability in Kailali
10 Gaurav Lamichhane Involuntary Childlessness in Nepal: Instances of Competition, Contestations, and Conflicts, among the Plural Healing Practices and Healing Journeys
11 Harsha Man Maharjan Making a Brand Product: Nepali Newspapers on the Net in the 1990s
12 Hem Krishna Shrestha Difficulties and Possible Measures to Manage Public Vehicles
13 Kalpana Jha India-Nepal Open-border: Beyond Socio-economic Relation
14 Krishna Sharma Rental Market for Agricultural Capital Goods: An Analysis of Nepal Plains
15 Kumud Rana Bodies that Matter: An Intersectional Analysis of the Constitutional Debate on Equal Citizenship Rights for Women in Nepal
16 Laxmi Bakhadyo Children Victims Victimized by Juvenile Delinquents in Juvenile Justice System of Nepal
17 Maheshwar Giri Relationship Between Household Income and the Choice of Fuel for Cooking in Nepal
18 Michanne Steenbergen The Reintegration of Female Ex-combatants in Nepal
19 Narayani Devkota  Disaster and Resilience:A Study on Community Coping and Recovering in Barpak after April Earthquake
20 Obindra Bahadur Chand and Devendra Uprety Sociology and Anthropology in Health Sciences: Reflections and Retrospections from Teaching and Learning in Nepal's Universities
21 Peter Graif Bitcoin for Gold Bugs: The Presence of Money in Kathmandu
22 Prakriti Khanal Children’s Migration and its Effect on Elderly People: A Study at Old Age Homes in Kathmandu
23 Preeti Raghunath Deliberating Community Radio: Narratives of Praxis from Nepal and India
24 Radha Devi Sharma Women’s Struggle for the Life of Freedom and Individuality but Ultimate Failure: Reflections from Bijay Malla’s Anuradha
25 Raju Kumar Rai Poverty and Social Exclusion of Dalists in Eastern Nepal
26 Ram Narayan Shrestha Work-related Migration Aspirations in Youths of Nepal: An Empirical Analysis
27 Rukh Gurung भूकम्पपछिको विपद: रसुवा हाकुकानागरिकहरुले कसरी खेपे ?
28 Sachin Ghimire Medical Encounter in Rolpa: A Mission Against State Patronized Corruption
30 Shubha Kayastha Women with Physical Disability within the Sexual Rights Discourse in Nepal
32 Shyam Bahadur Kunwar Resistance and Negotiation: An Ethnographic Reflection on Jhimruk Hydropower Project (JHP), Western Nepal
33 Suman Ranjitkar Impact of Earthquake on Maternal Post-traumatic Stress Symptoms and Daily Life of Exposed Families
34 Sunita Rai Socio-economic Correlates of Elderly Abuse: A Sociological Study at Old Age Homes in Kathmandu
35 Tara Khanal Role of Social Capital in Post- disaster Recovery: A Sociological Enquiry of the 2015 Earthquake in Sindhupalchok
37 Tashi Tsering Ghale-Dolpo Gorkhapatra’s Portrayal of Local Elections
38 Tika Rana Struggling to Resist the Gender Stereotypes: Auto-ethnographic Accounts of a Nepali Woman in Hong Kong
39 Umesh Pokharel Status of Haku IDPs and Advocacy for Durable Solution
Accepted Panels - Chautari Annual Conference-2017
S. No. Name Title of Abstract
1 Panel Languages and Language Policy in Nepal
  Bhim Narayan Regmi Languages and the Language Policy Issues in Nepal
  Pratima Thapa Second Language in Nepal: Relevance on Decision Making
  Sharada Sapkota Mother Tongues of Nepal: Number of Speakers, Territoriality and Resources
2 Panel Researching School Governance: Resource Usage, Accountability, and Inclusion in Nepali Community Schools
  Kul Prasad Khanal School Actors' Understanding of Resource and Accountability in Community School: The Yin and Yang of Un/reining the Horse
  Rebat Kumar Dhakal  Transforming School Governance Through Competency Based Inclusive School Management Committees
  Sanjay Hamal Elite Capture and Informal Institutions: Understanding the Dynamics of One-upmanship in Everyday School Activity




Title Date
समाज अध्ययन जर्नलका लागि लेख–रचना आह्वान 25 Jul 2016
Medieval Nepal: An Introductory Reading Seminar with Yogesh Raj [Registration CLOSED] 24 Jan 2017
Accepted Abstracts - Chautari Annual Conference - 2017 14 Feb 2017
Literature and Politics: A Reading Seminar on Modern Political Fiction with Dr BP Giri 22 Feb 2017