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POWER FOR NEPAL: Odd Hoftun & the History of Hydropower Development

Chautari Book Series - 84
2015 (2072 v.s.)

Peter Svalheim
Translated by Katherine M. Parent
Pages: x+290, Photos 16; Price: 700
ISBN: 978-9937-594-12-7

On Hydropower, Spotlight, Vo.:9, No.: 5, 28 August 2015.
A model from yesterday, reviewed by Shradha Ghale, The Kathmandu Post, 12 September 2015, p. 9.
Hoftun's vision to transform rural Nepal, reviewed by Jagannath Adhikari, Setopati.com, 18 October 2015.
Power for Nepal - Odd Hoftunko Nepal Saino, समीक्षक भोला श्रेष्ठ, नेपाल, आश्विन २०७२ ।
रुपान्तरणको सूत्र जान्न चाहनेका लागि, समीक्षक डा‌.तारालाल श्रेष्ठ, आजको मूल्याङ्कन, २०७२ जेठ
SINHAS 20(1) by Jagannath Adhikari

“Odd Hoftun’s life and work are much more than a calling. In his field, he is a pioneer. Based on Norway’s history and development, he built up the power industry in Nepal in an unparalleled manner. Innovative, committed and determined, he provided power and water to hundreds of thousands of the poor in Nepal, and contributed to pushing the country into the future. His basis was an unshakeable belief in the human ability to help themselves. Hoftun’s life and Nepal’s development are inextricably linked with each other.”

Erik Solheim, former Minister of Environment and Development, Norway

“Odd Hoftun was my boss. While I was familiar with his simplistic life style and never ending work-hours, and the many industries and organizations he helped set up, this book has made me further appreciate Odd’s achievements in Nepal. Those who work in development or in the hydropower sector will enjoy this book. Others should be impacted by Odd’s drive and perseverance even when the results were unknown.”

Kumar Pandey, Independent Power Developer

Peter Svalheim (b. 1958) is a Norwegian journalist and writer.

List of Abbreviations vii
Acknowledgements ix
Introduction: The Guru and the Gorge 1
1 Sound of Water 5
2 An Ordinary Engineer? 20
3 A Fairytale Country? 35
4 A Different Kind of Mission 44
5 Crossroads at Butwal 67
6 Conflicts, Tensions, and a Miracle 96
7 Small is Beautiful 123
8 Tinau – A Test of Endurance 145
9 Five Years in Kathmandu 173
10 Andhikhola 195
11 A Whole New World 246
Afterword: It’s All about People 279
Index 282

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POWER FOR NEPAL: Odd Hoftun & the History of Hydropower Development