Thursday, 20th Jul 2017

Martin Chautari will also upload bibliographies prepared by independent researchers and colleagues based in other institutions. These bibliographies will have to be related to Nepal or have a strong comparative component related to Nepal. Please note that the respective compilers of the bibliographies hosted here are responsible for the accuracy of the text therein. Also the in-house stylistic requirements of MC's referencing system might not have been followed in these texts. If you have prepared bibliographies that can be uploaded here, please send a short description of them (with an introduction of the theme/topic and the approximate number of entries) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Maharjan, Sujen Man. 2012.Bibliography of MA Theses in Psychology submitted to Tribhuvan University. [version 1; 15 Jan]. First published at this site.

Maharjan, Sujen Man. 2012. Bibliography of Psychological Research in Nepal. [version 1; 16 Jan]. First published at this site.

Sharkey, Gregory. 2009. Bibliography of Fr. John K. Locke’s Writings. Extracted from the former’s article ‘Scholar of the Newars: The Life and Work of John K. Locke.’ Studies in Nepali History and Society 14(2): 423-440.

Thapa, Manju. 2012. Nepali Mahilaharuko Jiwani, Aatmakatha, Sansmaran ra Parichaya Lekhansambandhi Pustak Suchi [Bibliography of biographies, autobiographies and memoirs of/related to Nepali women].

Tiwari, Ramkanta. 2013. Bibliography of Works by Rishikesh Shaha. [version 1; 19 May]. First published at this site.

Bibliographies by non-MC Researchers