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ISSN: 1025-5109
Volume 21 Number 2
December 2016 (Pus 2073 v.s.)



Anjam Singh
Rethinking Empowerment: Gender Identities, Agency, and Women’s Empowerment Discourse and Practice in Nepal
Pages 227–249

Samuele Poletti
Wanderings of a Spirit – Making Sense of an Untimely Death in the Sinja Valley of Jumla
Pages 251–282

Chudamani Basnet
Ethnic Politics and Religion among Janajàtis in an Eastern Tarai Town
Pages 283–304

Michelle U. Grocke and Kimber Haddix McKay
Like Mother, Like Child?: Understanding Transitions in Diet, Health, and Nutrition in Humla, Nepal
Pages 305–331

Gautama V. Vajracharya
Mānadeva Saṃvat: Old Problem, New Evidence
Pages 333–346

Notes from the Archive
Yogesh Raj, Deepak Aryal and Shamik Mishra
Documents Related to the Early Hospitals in Nepal
Pages 347–400

Book Reviews
Gautam, Kul Chandra. 2015. Lost in Transition: Rebuilding Nepal from the Maoist Mayhem and Mega Earthquake, reviewed by Avash Bhandari
Pages 401–405

Yadav, Punam. 2016. Social Transformation in Post-Conflict Nepal: A Gender Perspective, Reviewed by Pitamber Sharma
Pages 405–409

Wasti, Sharada Prasad, Padam Simkhada and Edwin van Teijlingen, eds. 2015. The Dynamics of Health in Nepal, reviewed by Sachin Ghimire
Pages 409–415

Chudal, Alaka Atreya. 2016. A Freethinking Cultural Nationalist: A Life History of Rahul Sankrityayan, reviewed by by Ajapa Sharma
Pages 415–420

Nayak, Nihar R. 2014. Strategic Himalayas: Republican Nepal and External Powers, reviewed by by Shreya Paudel
Pages 420–425

Rai, Kailash, ed. 2073 v.s. Pahicānko Khojī: Ādivāsī Janajāti Mahilākā Sāmājik, Sāṃskritik, Rājnītik Sandarva (2016–2073), reviewed by Subha Ghale
Pages 426–430

Sapkota, Janak Raj. 2016. Kahar: Vaideśik Rojgārīle Bitholĩdo Samāj, reviewed by Mahesh Raj Maharjan
Pages 430–435

Burghart, Richard. 2016. The History of Janakpurdham: A Study of Asceticism and the Hindu Polity. Martin Gaenszle, ed., reviewed by Jacob Rinck
Pages 435–439

Dollfus, Pascale and Gisèle Krauskpoff. 2014. Mascarades en Himalaya. Les vertus du rire, reviewed by Marie Lecomte-Tilouine
Pages 439–441

Mainali, Mohan. 2071 v.s. Mānthā Darāyeko Jug, reviewed by Aditi Adhikari
Pages 442–444

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SINHAS Volume 21 Number 2