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Eloquent Hills: Essays on Nepali Literature
Chautari Book Series 72
Michael Hutt
First edition 2012 (2069 v.s.)
Page: 194+viii  Price: 500
ISBN: 978-9937-594-00-4

SINHAS 17(2) by Khagendra Acharya
Eloquent Hills: Essays on Nepali Literature brings together nine essays written between 1989–2007 by Michael Hutt, the leading foreign scholar of Nepali literature. It contains essays that discuss Muna-Madan by Lakshmiprasad Devkota, Sumnima by BP Koirala, Sirishko Phul by Parijat, and Ghumne Mechmathi Andho Manche by Bhupi Sherchan, four of the best known classics of Nepali literature. Hutt's take on the poetry of Mohan Koirala and the early life of Bhupi are also featured here. Thematic essays based on Nepali literary sources on the notions of Shangri-la and an ideal Nepal, the portrayal of Gurkha soldiers, migration, and literary movements before and after the 1990 People's Movement provide interesting commentary on Nepali literature. All who are curious about modern  Nepali society must read this book.
Michael Hutt is Professor of Nepali and Himalayan Studies at SOAS (the School of Oriental and African Studies), University of London. He has written and edited thirteen books and over fifty chapters and articles on various aspects of the language, literature, politics and culture of Nepal and the Himalayan region. These include Himalayan Voices: An Introduction to Modern Nepali Literature (1991, University of California Press); Unbecoming Citizens: Culture, Nationhood, and the Flight of Refugees from Bhutan  (2003, Oxford University Press); and The Life of Bhupi Sherchan: Poetry and Politics in Post-Rana Nepal (2010, Oxford University Press). 

Introduction    1

1    A Hero or a Traitor? The Gurkha Soldier in Nepali Literature11
2    The Poetry of Mohan Koirala    27
3    The Nepali Literature of the 1990 Democracy     49
      Movement and its Aftermath
4    Devkota's Muna Madan: An Introduction    69
5    Looking for Shangri-la: From Hilton to Lamichhane    83
6    Going to Mugalan: Nepali Literary Representations    99
      of Migration to India and Bhutan
7    Reading Sumnima 123
8    Ideal Nepal and the Voices of Nepali Writers    141
9    Bhupi Sherchan: From Schoolboy to Sarvahara    165

Index    189

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Eloquent Hills: Essays on Nepali Literature